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Online homework is a term that describes computer-generated interactive homework. It is used in contrast to traditional written homework. Examples include web-based content purchased from textbook publishers, such as MyMathLab and MyManagementLab. There are several faculty at PSU using online homework to teach business and math. Here some published research articles for more information:

Topic: Online Course Evaluation

  • Best Practices for Administrative Evaluation of Online Faculty - This introductory-level presentation demonstrates how to evaluate the materials and teaching in online courses. Topics covered include similarities with evaluation of on-ground teaching, factors unique to online courses, technological considerations, helping administrators unfamiliar with online courses, and national standards, rubrics, and benchmarks.
  • A Faculty Evaluation Model for Online Instructors: Mentoring and Evaluation in the Online Classroom - In the infancy of online instruction, considerable emphasis was given to demonstrating equivalence between online and traditional face-to-face instruction. This movement extended from pedagogy to evaluation as many online programs mirrored established face-to-face processes for faculty evaluation when creating models for the virtual classroom. With the rapid growth of online learning, these early evaluation models have revealed limited relevance to the online environment both in content and implementation. To address the ineffectiveness of traditional faculty evaluation models for use with online faculty, as well as to contribute to the growth of online learning as a field (and not simply a practice), innovative faculty evaluation models that are geared specifically to the unique demands, expectations and requirements of modern online learning must be developed.

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