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VideoANT make it possible to annotate a web-based video

VideoANT make it possible to annotate a web-based video

The University of Minnesota has developed a wonderful tool for annotating videos called VideoANT.  The program allows individuals to place markers in a web-based video and then add comments.  This is a great way for instructors to direct student attention to key points in a video, or to ask students to find key points and comment on them.   The link to the annotated video can then be emailed, which would allow students to submit their annotations as an assignment.

It's extremely easy to use.  When you first go to the site, you can watch and experiment with a demo video.  It's a great way to become familiar with the program, and takes only a few minutes to master.

One tip:  I would put the marker (or have students put their markers) at the beginning of a point of interest, rather than at the end or middle.  The markers can be moved at any time.


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"Beautiful Word Clouds"

Picture 3I recently read a popular novel that overused the word "pale" to the point that it became a distraction for me, and I found it difficult to read the book.  What if the author could visually see how many times that word was used in comparison to all the other words in the text?  Wordle is a very cool tool that lets you do just that.  You can paste in a body of text, or analyze your "delicious" bookmarks, or point to a particular page on the web, and Wordle will create a picture based on the number of times each word is used.  Even better, though, is that you can set the font, the colors, the layout, and have the program eliminate common words from analysis.  The image that you see in this post was taken from a history of New Hampshire: http://www.nh.gov/nhinfo/history.html

You can access Wordle here:  http://www.wordle.net/ (Note: it's wordle.net, not wordle.com)  I always get that wrong the first time 🙂

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