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The Flipped Classroom


I'd like to begin by thanking Dana Ernst for sending me this link: for the Flipped

Classroom Network.  The phrase "Using Technology to Enhance Learning" often stimulates images of students looking at a computer screen interacting with a software program, or an instructor showing a lengthy powerpoint slideshow to enhance their lecture, or students with laptops open--checking their facebook accounts instead of paying attention to what's going on in the classroom.  For many years, that's often how technology was integrated, and it very often changed little about the way education was delivered or engaged students.  The flipped classroom, however, promises to be something different.

With a flipped classroom the technology actually stays out of the classroom, and what takes place in the classroom are the personal engagements with each other and ideas.  Lectures, which have little interactivity, are provided via pre-recorded video which students can watch, multiple times if need be, from their home.   The work that was once assigned as homework, is now done in the classroom where the instructor can assist, and where students can interact with each other (as we often wish they would outside the classroom).  That's why it's called "flipped".

Explore the videos on the Ning site given above, and see what you think about this.  We're interested in hearing your thoughts.

Also check out this Flipped classroom infographic:

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