Making your Moodle courses, like, WOW!

Okay, so Moodle is just plain cool, so why allow your course to be merely a list of links to readings, and a few forums thrown in for interactivity?  Your course could be so much more!  Think about adding a few blocks of html with some personalized text, or adding an occasional poll by using "Choice", or maybe an RSS feed from your favorite news source.  Just a minute of extra time here or there could really make a difference in the look and feel of your course.

And, if you really want to be creative, take a look at these fabulous ideas called 3 Ways to Jazz up Your Moodle:

Part 1 Part 2 Part 3

And, when you've got it looking good, share it with us.  We'd love to see it!

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3 thoughts on “Making your Moodle courses, like, WOW!

  1. ETJ&N,
    How can I resist being the first to offer feedback? [I can't].
    The potential bells & whistles available in Moodle are intriguing, but what I really need is some suggestions, thoughts, comments about the overall course design. E.g. 1) topic structure vs. weekly lessons [what are the comparative advantages?] 2) course certification [why bother? how to pursue certification?] 3) file formats [what works best during development? during maintenance?] 4) development & maintenance techniques [vpn? off-line options?]....these are just a few issues that bounce around in my Moodle brain-space.

  2. Equally intrigued by this - how can we make the materials available offline, if needed? Is there a common format?


  3. emmurphy3

    Hi Victor and Ned, Not sure what you mean by making materials available off-line. Do you mean how can students access the course (for example, participate in a discussion forum) without using a computer? So, for example, would access via a cell phone be the kind of thing you are asking about? Do you mean, read documents? etc. Thanks for the comments.

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